Vincent Bakkum

Vincent Bakkum 3.10.-31.12.2023

Seven years ago painter/illustrator Vincent Bakkum returned to his home country Holland after almost thirty years living in Helsinki. Since he didn’t keep up with the digitalisation of illustrating he was left with the canvas, paints and brushes. The illustrator didn’t leave him though. On the contrary, his works became even more decorative. Estethics as a source of inspiration.

A former art gallery told him he shouldn’t spread the word he has nothing to say with his paintings. Still, after all these years, he is sure he has nothing to say with his paintings. The only ‘depth’ is beauty, however stained that word might be in the arts.

Being a self made man, the biggest compliment he ever got was from a Finnish art critic: ‘One can see he hasn’t studied arts, but his paintings aren’t lacking any tutoring, they speak loud enough for themselves.’

Negentiende Eeuw, Vincent_Bakkum
Vincent Bakkum

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